Do you want to benefit from an attractive one-off payment?

As an alternative to your existing rental model with Vantage Towers, we offer you two ways in which you can benefit from an attractive one-time payment. Both options are designed to immediately improve your financial situation so that you can, for example, make further investments if necessary.

With this measure, you support Vantage Towers and the mobile network operators in long-term network planning and at the same time benefit from a tailor-made offer for your space(s).

We would like to discuss these two options with you:

1. You will receive a one-time payment by selling your property to Vantage Towers (for open spaces)

2. You will receive a one-time payment by entering into a long-term contract

In principle, our offer is possible at any time of the tenancy. Feel free to contact us, we will provide you with an offer tailored to your location at short notice.